How to use the Kusch+Co image database

With the Kusch+Co image database, you have access to the extensive database of Kusch+Co GmbH.
The images can be downloaded in four different formats.
A shopping cart enables you to compile an individual selection of images and download these as a ZIP file.

The following formats are available:

Web format
May be used for PowerPoint presentations, internet, etc.

A scaled-down version of the original image. May be used for presentations or print media.

Original image. May be used for print media. Download may take longer.

DWG files
2-D / 3-D files for architectural interior planning services.
These files show one single model.

The available formats may differ between images.

Search function

You can use the search function on the main page of the image database to find the photos.
You find a link to our search engine in the menu bar in the right upper corner. This link is always available.

Our database provides a full text search function. Our search engine will retrieve all matches by searching under the keywords and the tags.
The results page will only matches that have both search words (AND query). It is not necessary to enter the entire word.
The search word must have at least 3 digits.

All keywords and search words are in German and English. You can change the language via the drop-down menu in the right upper corner.
The search engine will only look for English search words, when the language is set to "English".

You can narrow down the search by using the drop-down menus or by using the hierarchical category index.
For instance, when you are looking for close-ups of "series 1500 Luca", you have to enter the name of the series as search word and select "close-ups" as image category.
Alternatively, instead of typing in a search word, you can find series 1500 Luca via the drop-down menu category selection : "series" � "wooden seating" � "1500 Luca".

When you click on search, the database will show all matches.
In order to reset your search, simply select "Make your choice" in the drop-down menu.

These are just a few of the possibilities to comb through our database.

When you click on the "search" button, the search engine results page will open.

A maximum of 12 thumbnails is displayed per results page. Via the buttons "back" and "next", you can browse through the results pages.

Underneath each thumbnail, you see the image title as well as the following three options:

Additional information on the image, f.i. the size of the original image, format, entry date and the keywords.

If you wish to download this image immediately. A new window will open, showing the available formats. Choose a format to start the download.

Add to shopping cart:
Adds the image to your shopping cart. When the image is already added to your shopping cart, the bar has a red mark. In this case, the text will read "Remove from shopping cart".

For instance, if you need photos for a presentation, you proceed as follows. First, search the photos you need for your presentation and add these to your shopping cart. At the end, the photos in your shopping cart will be downloaded to your computer as one single file.

Shopping cart

In order to see the content of your shopping cart, click on the link in the menu bar in the right upper corner. Here you find all the images that have been added to your shopping cart.
The same options as on the results pages are available: "info", "download" and "remove from the shopping cart".
In addition, you will find here some options to manage your shopping carts.

The following options can be found above the images:

Load shopping cart:
It is possible to load a saved shopping cart. Enter the shopping cart number to see the content.

Save shopping cart:
When you click on this button, a new window will open, showing the shopping cart�s reference number. You can either write down this reference number or have it sent to your e-mail account. This option is very useful, when you wish to show your saved shopping cart to your customers. Simply enter his e-mail address to send him an e-mail with the reference number. This way, he can have a look at your selection.

Delete shopping cart:
Deletes all the photos in the shopping cart. WARNING! There is no confirmation prompt, the photos are immediately deleted.

Download shopping cart:
With this option, you can download the entire shopping cart as one single compressed ZIP file. First, choose a format (all the images in the shopping cart will be downloaded in this format) and secondly select a folder in the file download dialog box. The ZIP file will be saved in this folder on your hard disk.